Praise for

“Growing up in Philly, it helps to have a great sense of humor and wild imagination. Think about it … Next to Ben Franklin, our most admired son is a fictional club fighter from the poor part of town. Michael Attiani has the wit and wisdom to tell a good story. His hysterical, thought-provoking social media posts have always left me wanting more. With Sonny’s Vendetta, my prayers have been answered.

— Tom Stiglich

syndicated cartoonist and Philadelphia native

“Having known Mike since childhood and his understanding of the city, its people and the passions they possess, I can’t wait to see this story unfold.”

— John Kincade

97.5 The Fanatic Sports Talk Show Host

“Mike is witty, fast thinking and eloquent with his words. All characteristics that our Catholic high school teachers found sinful.”

— Shawn Lynch

attorney and Philadelphia native

“As someone who has traveled widely and is an avid reader, nothing compares to the wit, grit, and humor of my hometown, Philly. Mike captures it all!

— Alicia McDonald

teacher and Philadelphia native

“Mike’s irreverent and self-deprecating sense of humor has whipped me into a frenzy for years. As a writer myself, I will always choose to read whatever he has to say because I know it will grab me and pull me right in. He is the master of the set-up….so if ‘writing is the food of life, write on, maestro!’ Speaking of food (well, yes, of course) … he leaves me hungry for more!”

— Rhoda Rogers

Producer, Writer, Poet

“Great slice of South Philly life with captivating characters, complicated relationships, and just the right amounts of intrigue and revenge to make everything boil over. Don’t be surprised if this story leaves South Philly accents chirping away in your head and your body craving biscotti or meatballs on a nice sesame bun.”

— Margaret McConnell

publishing professional and avid reader

“Having enjoyed Mike’s friendship for years, I can vouch for his ability to be funny. And if the subject at hand is food, he’s probably unstoppable.”

—Todd Clark

syndicated cartoonist and author

“Mike is hysterical, writes incredibly well, and God knows he can eat …so all evidence indicates this is a binge read!”

— Jeff Hall

master gardener, attorney, and entrepreneur

“Are you from Philly? Are you Italian? Do you like ‘spag and balls’? If so, and even if not, you’ll love this character-driven, laugh-out-loud romp about a multi-generation Italian family and their cursed restaurant, Sonny’s. It’s like having Rocky Balboa and the Corleones over for dinner.”

— David Aretha

award-winning (Italian) author

“Mike Attiani’s debut novel has captured the flavor and texture of South Philadelphia.  When I read his book, I’m transported to my nonna’s plastic-covered couch, where I’m shoveling Christmas manicotti and sausage into my mouth. Attiani folds in bittersweet nostalgia and pungent wit. All in all, Sonny’s Vendetta tastes best when followed by cannoli, torroni and coffee. Great stuff.

—Tim Ireland

former Philadelphia newspaper reporter and Philadelphia native